Sourdough bread!

One of my stocking gifts this summer was a small dehydrated container of King Arthur Flour’s original 150 year old sourdough starter. I’d made sourdough starter about this time last year but wasn’t diligent enough to use and maintain it, so eventually it died. I’m going to be better with this one. I’ve already made 5 loaves with this starter and I must say it’s pretty delicious–if you’re in the greater Boston area and are in the market for some starter, I’m happy to share.

I'm still working on perfecting the crust, but I've managed to get decent crunch and color to it

I’ve decided to start baking my own bread instead of buying 4-dollar sourdough loaves from the grocery store. Much cheaper and much more satisfying. Sunday afternoon/evening is bread baking and laundry time. It’s lovely. Plus, knowing that I have fresh bread to put my breakfast egg on really softens the harshness of Monday morning,



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