I don’t know how to do Swiss Chard

A lot’s been going on since the last post–first, life updates!

1. Cat is still lovely, although she’s grumpier now that it’s hot and humid. I am too.

2. Got back together with an old boyfriend, Kevin. Things are going rather well; living in the same place is much better for healthy relationships.

3. Spencer will be moving out at the end of July, so the hunt is on for a cool new roommate!

4. High school friends Laurel and Chase (they’ve been dating for 6 years) moved into the apartment downstairs

5. Got the grill outside working, about to order an official-looking composter for the yard, and am planning on generally vamping up the state of the backyard.

6.  A SQUIRREL BUSTED INTO MY APARTMENT and ate all of the fruit and all of the chocolate. Cat was immensely unhelpful throughout the ordeal, but Kevin sprang to action. I mostly just cowered under the covers and squealed.

7. I now also have a Tumblr, and while it’s going to be 99% overlap, that one is photocentric and a bit quicker to digest, in case you’re uninterested in reading my musings.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

I signed up for a CSA farm share that I pick up every Friday until the end of October. Great deal, and since I’ve been eating lots of pizza and burritos and crap that have been both burning holes in my wallet and messing with my waistline. I figured this would be a good way for me to get back on the bandwagon and start being a healthy human being again rather than a hibernating winter creature. SWIM SUIT SEASON IS HERE.

On Friday I picked up my first share and received:

  • 8 cucumbers
  • 3 heads of lettuce
  • 1 head of cabbage
  • 3 bunches of pearl onions
  • 3 bunches of swiss chard
  • 2 garlic bulbs

So the garlic, onions, and lettuce I’m pretty good on. I’ll probably make something with the cabbage tonight, but the swiss chard had me really baffled. I tried to saute a bunch of it with garlic, onions, and a bit of parmesan and it was just so bitter that I couldn’t take it. Couldn’t even finish it, despite coating it with delicious cheese. I don’t know if I undercooked it or what happened, but I like to think I have a high tolerance for dark leafy green flavors and for bitterness, judging from the kinds of beer I typically consume.

I laid off the swiss chard for a couple of days, choosing instead to do homemade black bean burgers on the grill on July 3rd, before meeting a couple of prospective roommates (one was cool, one was clearly on or withdrawing from massive amounts of drugs. We are continuing the search…).

Last night, however (yes, July 4th) I decided to take another crack at it. I’d found a bunch of recipes for swiss chard SOUP, but given that it was about 95 degrees on the third floor apartment I was not interested in soup. Decided to go with a pasta dish and modify it to be more pasta-salad-esque.

It was delicious, much tastier than it looks. I used lime juice instead of lemon, but the citrus I think helped a lot with the bitterness, as did sauteeing the chard for a bit longer than I did last time. I’m particularly pleased to report that Kevin really liked it and I successfully got him to eat vegetables, even though they are apparently “not good for Kevins.”


Swiss chard pasta salad!

Loosely based on this Martha Stewart recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/339774/rigatoni-with-swiss-chard?czone=food/produce-guide-cnt/produce-guide-fall&center=276955&gallery=274967&slide=262783

I didn’t have white wine, substituted lime for lemon, and used yogurt instead of ricotta. Delicious nonetheless!


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