Molly is a twenty-something with a penchant for writing and a tendency to snack every two hours. She loves pesto, the Moosewood cookbook, cast-iron skillets, and wine and cheese nights. She also likes her cat, french bulldogs, yoga, exploring new cities, and wasting time on the internet.

This blog is an attempt to document Molly’s adventures in the kitchen. A vegetarian since 2005 and a lactard since 2008, Molly uses (mostly) healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients in her recipes. On this site you’ll find healthy vegan, vegetarian, and a smattering of seafood recipes that will keep your wallet and belly full.

This is Cat, my partner in crime. She looks like pure evil, but she's a big pushover. She mostly sleeps in front of the oven and other warm things (occasionally even on my very full belly).